Monday, June 7, 2010

not forgotten, just flat out

I haven't written lately due to other demands on my time and energy.
Generally I'll try and publish based on the current projects, or projects I've already completed, and have documentation for.

Because of the various demands on my time and energy lately, I haven't done anything in the shed except some minor cleanup and salvage - hardly worth reporting yet, although what was salvaged will hopefully prove quite useful.

What's taken my time? - work, church, responding to emergency calls, some training, helping people with various problems, listening to people's problems, etc.
What's taken my energy? - pretty much as above - I actually find the emergency responding quite fulfilling - gives me a sense of making a difference. Listening to people's issues, and trying to help them overcome the same issues which have been in place for years and years can be quite draining.

So sorry about the rant - this post is more just a simple "I'm still alive, and I will post something of value soon" message... we all have problems - we all know people with problems.. some are there to be fixed, some to learn from, some to endure...

What's on the radar?
repair of the magnetic base indicator stand.
repair of a broken mitoyo vernier height guage
design, construction, and use of a taper turning attachment for a taig lathe
adaptation of taper turning attachment to profile copying attachment

I think that's about it - more plans than hours in the day - situation normal.

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