Bender Bending Rodriguez - the model

This page is basically a link to the Bender build notes. At this date (19th April 2010) there are 25 pages discussing how Bender was designed, built, painted, and some of the accessories he has.
The first posting was this one - Bender is Finished, which announced that I'd finally finished building him, after several months of picking at the project.
I then commenced documenting the build process using the photographs taken (lost and mostly found) during the build. I spent a bit of time talking about what worked, what didn't, and tried to offer some pointers should anyone else wish to make something using similar techniques. An index of the pages is shown here...

Tools used in constructing Bender:
Taig Lathe, angle grinders( with cutting discs, grinding disks, flapwheels), CIG arc welder (modified), files, rasps, hacksaws, drills.

Materials used:
Salvaged fire extinguishers, 45Kg (100lb) propane cylinder, pipe, bolts, nuts, washers, "bog' (automotive putty), electrical conduit, samboy chip packet, paints, cement.

Support offered by:
The loveliest lady whom shares my dreams, world, joy and life. My wife not only endured me turning our front yard into a scrap metal yard, but actually encouraged the purchase of a shed to store my tools. I know she thinks I'm crazy when I bring home junk, and tell her it's for "a project", but she still loves me - and that's what's important. I love and adore her, and strive to not track grot into the house on my boots.

everyone at work who heard me talk about doing this, and saw some of the progress photos - I told you I'd get him done...

I'll now start documenting some of my other projects, they'll be linked via another page like this.