Monday, April 19, 2010

Bender Gets Religion

Given that smoking isn't something I encourage in our house, I thought it fair to give Bender a good behaviour. He was quite well behaved when he had religion in "Hell is other robots" so I made him a Robotology symbol.

I started by drawing up the symbol, tracing around a 20cent piece for the dots, and scaling everything else so it looked in proportion.

I then traced it onto a piece of sheet aluminum from an instrument case in the scrap bin. To trace the design I painted the aluminum with cheap white paint (for contrast), and coloured in the back of the paper with the design with red pen, I then went over the design from the front, transferring the red ink onto the white paint. I then went over the marks with the red pen to contrast it better.

The shape was cut out with shears, hacksaw and filed to shape. I then primed the shape, and glued some magnets to the back with rubber cement.

A second coat of primer on the front to smooth any drips, and soften the edges a little

I then sprayed the symbol with a "cold galvanising" spray called Zinc-It. It's a CRC product one of the boilermakers from work put me on to. My Dad used to have a paint on version he used when making gates, so when I was given a can of spray zinc, I use it on all my work where I want it to last. Here I only used it for the colour, and the fast drying aspects. - The finished result...

One well behaved Bender

Next installment.. eyelids

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