Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bender is finally finished

What started with a "that's a funny look" at a 45kG (100lb) propane cylinder, with half a fire extinguisher perched on top (to keep the wasps out of the valve) has finally reached completion.

I was originally inspired by the bender brewing project at asciimation.co.nz.. but figured that my Bender would have to be metal. Since I didn't have any "40%iron, 40%titanium,etc,etc" alloys, I used the propane cylinder, old 9Kg (20lb) DCP extinguishers, pipe, and other bits and pieces to create this:

He stands 1600mm (5' 4") tall to the top of his antenna, and weighs 50Kg (110lb). His head rotates, the expression is changeable, and his arms can be moved at the shoulder joint, and the wrist.

I'll post a few more "finished" pics, and then go back and document some of the construction photos, techniques, and mistakes (I think my do-overs covered half the model)

I made two heads since I expected it to be difficult, and wanted a spare in case I screwed up badly. Thank fully most of my screwups weren't on the head, so I ended up with a spare head. Since I don't have a head in a jar for the photos, I used the spare head - after all we all know Bender enjoys his own company...
The spare head is currently being used for a bookshelf ornament, and is quite a conversation starter once people notice it.
Over the next month (work permitting), I'll finish the spare teeth panels, cigar, robotology symbol, and various eyelids to extend the range of emotions and looks he can have.

The construction photos will include some dimensions, tips, pointers, and oops.

Don't let the helmet fool you, he's not an employee of BHPBilliton Iron Ore - it's just one of the things I picked up off the side of the road when I collected the old fire extinguishers.


  1. Hi Des, nice Bender! Very impressive especially considering you stick welded it all (I tend to MIG or gas things). Glad I could inspire someone!


  2. Now bite his shiny metal ass!

  3. Impressive, now get to work on Richard Nixon's head in a jar;)

  4. very impressive, nice job!!!!

  5. wonderful - I would buy one for my living room.

  6. Awesome, Australian built Benders RULE !