Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a few more pictures of Bender

So what more do I talk about now he's pretty much completed...
The head can rotate 360 degrees, and is positively retained.
The shoulder joint can rotate 360 degrees with stops at 8 locations.
The wrists can rotate 360 degrees as well.
The legs, and waist are rigid.

The wall thickness of the body metal is ~4mm (between 1/8" & 3/16") - the original wall thickness of the propane cylinder (44Kg, 100lb).

The head is made from an old NuSwift 9 Kg (20lb) Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguisher with a steel wall thickness of 1/8" (~3mm), and retaining the original bronze valve fitting for the antenna attachment. The boss for the pressure gauge was cut out, and replaced with a patch cut from another extinguisher.

The teeth panel is made form some colourbond offcuts - pretty springy sheet typically used for the manufacture of roofing/ fencing panels. It's a simple flat rectangle which is then rolled and placed inside the head, with the painted surface viewed through the open mouth. The springy-ness of the steel makes it press against the inside of the head, and conform to the curve wonderfully.

The dimensions were taken from a number of places, including a die cast model, a windup toy, several pictures from the internet, and the "How to Draw Bender" feature hidden inside one of the DVD discs. Even when he was complete, he looked as though his legs were too short, but I triple checked, and it's right - I guess Mom's friendly robot company never adhered to DaVinci's proportion model when they designed him.

I'll commence the construction photos shortly - if there's detail I miss that you want explained, let me know.

At this stage I don't plan on issuing dimensions other than the basics. I am happy enough to detail the construction, colours, etc.

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