Monday, April 19, 2010

Bender gets emotional - part 1

For Bender to display emotions he usually has his eyelids change, or his teeth change (horizontal lines only)
To make some eyelids for Bender I cut up the eye molds I'd used - made from Christmas decorations. In the photo below, you can see two halves of a Christmas decoration which were used for eye molds, and one still complete decoration.

I removed the eye-plate (with eyes) from the spare head, and using a discarded plastic tag, made a dam for the putty. I cling wrapped the eyes and plate to prevent the putty from sticking, and positioned some cut decorations on the eyes with their centres at 1:30 for the "sad" look, and at 10:30 for the "frown" look. I magnet was placed at the top between the eyes, and a piece of metal was placed for a handle into the putty before it cured.

Once the putty had cured, and the dam, and cling-wrap removed, the resulting eyelids were filed, carved and generally cleaned up. In the photo below, you can see them stuck (via their magnets) on a metal cabinet.

Once painted black (to match the interior of the eye shroud, and eye-plate, the eyelids were tested. The "frown" first...
Then the "sad" expression...

The next installment of this build log will cover the other emotional accessories I built, teeth plates.

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