Religion, Philosophy, things which make me tick

One thing I don't like about this "blog" style of publishing is the sequential order of postings. It makes it hard to organise my postings into a different order - hence the reliance on these index pages.

Over the past 30 plus years, I've had my beliefs challenged, expanded, criticised, confirmed and tested. Like most people I grew up with my belief structure based on that of my parents, and my environment.
In highschool I had an amazing English teacher (James Buchanan) who challenged each one of us to determine our own beliefs. He introduced us to the concept of critical thinking, and determining the validity of opinions based on context, emotion, truthfulness, and other criteria.

Some years later I began to have spiritual experiences of my own which allowed me to choose what I believed, and how I would lead my life in response to that belief.

Growing up in Oz, I was always taught that there are certain things you cannot talk about - politics, religion, and payslips being the main ones. This was reinforced in every job I've ever had - never bring up religion or politics.. payslips were OK to talk about, but since it was "never enough" it was always depressing.

So I guess this page is where I'll occasionally talk about things of a religious nature (and political if appropriate)
I won't write to convince others to change - all I'll do is talk about what I know, and why - I'll follow the example of Mr Buchanan and encourage people to seek out facts for their own benefit and make their own decisions - all I'll do is offer what advice, experience and resources I have, and let people progress along their own journey.
No matter what I person believes or does, I won't treat them differently unless they threaten the liberties of others. The heroes I have (scripture or temporal) are those which held doors open for all, and ensured the freedoms of all irrespective of their beliefs or backgrounds. Nothing riles me more than those who would seek to limit the freedom of others - irrespective of their motives.

For those who don't like to wait, or are in a hurry to start here is the spoiler alert...

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints  (aka Mormon)
I know Jesus Christ lived and died, and was ressurected. I know his example and teachings are designed to help us return to our Father in Heaven.
I know of all the churches I ever looked at, into and read - I always found questions - I now have answers and they are in the LDS church.
Heavenly Father wants YOU to know for yourself - he has promised to answer prayers, and I know he answered mine. I asked a lot of questions, and every time he answered - every time to help me along the path of eternal progression, and occasionally with more "worldly" things. has a lot of resources to help you get started... over time I'll cite specific topics, and discuss my own experiences related to them.