Monday, April 19, 2010

Bender's Beard - or is it Flexo's?

Fans of the show know Bender has a beard, but "never wears it". When we first meet Flexo, the key visual difference between Bender and Flexo is the beard.
To make a beard... When I was making the eyelids for Bender, I tipped any leftover putty into a quick cardboard mold I made.

The mold was basically a triangle, with a thickness of around 42mm (1 3/4"). Since it was done as two pours, I placed a magnet inside with it's poles facing the base of the triangle, between the first, and second pour.

Once cured, I cut the mold apart, and then cut the triangle section apart to form Bender's beard - as seen below.

The followed a lot of filing, and adjusting so the magnet poles were exposed, and the triangle cleaned up so it was even, and had sharp lines at the edges. Once happy with the look, I primed the beard as shown...

Originally I painted it the same light gray as Bender's body and head, but my darling wife pointed out it looked wrong. I checked the disc again, and sure enough it was too light (She is always right, but don't tell her I said that...). The beard needed to be darker than the colour of Bender's extensomatic arms, so I gave it a shot of the Zinc-It.

Front view...

Three quarter view...

That'll be it for a while.. Bender is pretty much complete. I still want to do up a bottle of "Ole Fortran" for him (does anyone else remember FORTRAN?... I can still remember coding in FORTRAN 77 and FORTRAN 90 - first language I ever used which didn't have a "print" statement of some description.)
I digress... I want to do up a bottle of booze for him, and try and recreate the kids' drawing from the orphanarium. At that point, Bender will definitely be finished.

The suggestion has been made that the next project should be the Robot Devil... I'll admit he looks great, and would be a challenge. I think I'll hold off for a while - never a shortage of jobs to do, and I'd like to document some of my other projects.

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