Sunday, April 11, 2010

Assembling Bender - finished

Well, the designing, the planning, the collecting, the marking, the cutting, the welding, the grinding, the preparation, and the painting is all completed... All that's left now is to put the finished pieces together, and say the job is done.
The finished legs/feet were spun on to their securing posts on the base.

The body was placed on the leg bolts, and the nuts turned on by hand. Then the leg bolts were inserted from inside the body, and all nuts and bolts tightened.
The arms were placed on the body, and the wing nut tightened up. (see photo below)
The painted heads were assembled prior to being fitted to the necks (one on the body, the other simply on the spare neck)

The teeth plates were inserted and positioned inside the head, and the head installed on the body, and the retaining bolts tightened up. The hands were attached to the end of the arms, and the door fitted and it's bolts secured. - At this stage, Bender is finished. - see photo below

One of the "extras" I'd made for Bender was a photo of the Countess De La Roca from the episode "A Flight to Remember". The photo was an image downloaded from the web, flipped for correct orientation, and then printed and laminated. Nothing fancy, but it adds some character when stuck inside his chest door with a magnet.

I've still to make the other extras...
beer bottle
eye lids
other teeth panels
"kids drawing" from episode 9, series 3 - "cyber house rules"

I'll document the construction of these once they're completed... Until then, here's some repeat photos of Bender finished.

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