Friday, April 9, 2010

Building Bender's body - part 3

The chest door was marked and cut out, and the shoulder holes marked and cut. I cut the door out early so I had more access to the internals, making it easier to make welds and measurements.
Then the shoulders were welded in place (details on the shoulder/arm joint in the arm page) - the shoulder is essentially the bottom of a 2.5Kg (5lb) DCP extinguisher, with the footring cut away for the curve, and then a plate inserted at the extreme of the curve so a flat joint with the arm. The curve will be cleaned up with "bog" (automotive putty, "bondo") after all the welding is completed.

The crotch plate was made from some scrap 4mm plate/sheet I had. The four holes are for the leg/waist joints, and will be discussed in the page discussing the legs. The crotch plate was cut very slightly oversized so the plate would sit inside the body about 2 mm higher than the bottom, giving me the chance to ensure it was level, and then trim the bottom edge to straight, and level.

The crotch plate was welded in place internally, and externally. In this above photo, and the next one, you can see the legs are already welded up, and the body placed on them for testing of fit, and stability.

The next page will cover the hinging of the door, and the catch.

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