Sunday, March 6, 2011

Making some dolls houses (CBFT training aid)

My ERT trainer mentioned once that as part of Compartment Fire
Behaviour Theory (CFBT) training, we can observe the phenomenons
(neutral plane, pyrolysis, etc) in a training aid called a "dolls house".

Figure 1 - cutting up the chipboard

A dolls house is made of chipboard and is nominally 400 x 400 x 400 mm  in size with a door way cut in one side.
The plans called for 16mm chipboard, but all the local supplier had was 18mm - no difference, just means the internal volume will be slightly less... with thicker walls the burn may take more time before the house falls apart.

Basically I cut up 2 full sheets using a circular saw, and then nailed the pieces together to hold the bits together whilst the "liquid nails" (construction adhesive) set up.

Figure 2 - the doorway cut into strips which can later be broken up as cribbing

I cut up the left over pieces to make 6 small "tables" to simulate internal furniture, and the remaining timber was cut into small pieces to kindle the internal fire ( pieces called cribbing are all about 1/4" wide, and the full 18mm thick)

 Figure 3 - open door to dolls house with "ikea table" inside

I also had to make a stand to place the completed dolls house at around chest level. I had a cast iron base from a large industrial fan which I modified to take a base for the dollshouse.

Figure 4 - completed stand with base for dolls house

During the construction of the stand, I had to undo a bolt on the stand which was slightly rusted - when the nut/bolt rust finally broke free, the spanner spun through and crushed my ring finger splitting the nail from side to side. Hurt like blue blazes, and bled like nothing I've seen in ages. After a few hours the bleeding had stopped and this is what it looked like...

Figure 5 - injury to ring finger

Job done as delivered to the trainer.

Figure 6 - completed houses and stand

Next posting/s should be the completed taig lathe cabinet, and construction articles.

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