Monday, November 14, 2011

Still alive - some news

Well it's been a while since I posted - lots happening.
Long story short, I'm in the middle of moving house due to a change in my employment conditions. This means for the past 4 weeks I've been working shifts, and had the house in boxes... and those boxes won't open for another few weeks, and I'll continue on shift even after that.

Longer term this means a shift in my projects whilst I shake down the house, and get the shed/s up. For quite some time, the projects will be limited to small things done in the field desk, and a lot of home renovation/ repair work.
Whilst I'm in the shift situation, I will be flying a lot, and getting very little done except on my off swing - then it's flat out getting work done at home.
I don't want to be doing FIFO (Fly In, Fly Out) and shift long term, this was a decision accepted based on the conditions under which I currently work, my scope for promotion, and other factors. I am applying for other work within the company since it is a great company to work for, and I don't really want to leave it if at all possible.

Current challenges:
trying to keep losing weight whilst surrounded by "camp food"
trying to remain busy developing my skills in Control Systems, Electrical Engineering, and Managemnt (Personelle and Project)
trying to keep busy with my hobbies and interests
trying to not let the distance and seperation from my family cause issues or concerns

Next challenges:
Overcome whatever obstacles prevent me from obtaining my next job - the one which allows me to spend time with my family, and still meet my financial commitments.
Underfloor ventilation in a building built in the 1950's (or was it 1850's?)
adjustments to various sewerage/septic systems
repairs alterations to fencing - boundary and pool
repairs and alterations to existing "shed"
minor extensions and modifications to house
construction of shed/studio on site to suit my needs - now and future
construction of granny flat (ancillary accomodation) on site

That's it for now - Once everything is unpacked, and settled down, I'll update this with some archived projects, and some of the "home owner" projects as they arise. Hopefully I'll be in a position to accept a new role, and spend more time with my family, and less time away from them.

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